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Limited Time Bundle Special Offer


Q. Do I need a Pet Photo taken by a Professional?

A: No, any photo from your smartphone is fine as long as there are no obstacles covering your pets face. We will transform it into a masterpiece no matter what.

Q. How do you create the pet canvas?

A. Our artists do their magic using modern tools like photoshop or illustrator. Every detail is enhanced to make the canvas alive and classy.

Q. The canvas and jewelries are for dogs only?

A: No, all pets, big or small can become a unique artwork or jewelry.

Q. Can I still change my background color?

A: Yes. Usually during the approval process some people change their minds on the background color. No problem, everything can still be changed until you are 100% satisfied.

Q. How many days before I can receive my order?

A: The shipping time is different depending on the product and location. For more info about this, visit our shipping policy page.

Q. Can you be able to send directly to a friend as a gift?

A: Absolutely! This has proven to be an awesome gift to a Pet lover. Just place the address upon checkout and it will find its way to your friend.